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Pelsatia Character Spotlight: Ssalia

I like believe I have created some acceptably decent characters for my Pelsatia books, so for quite a while, I have been wanting to talk about a few of them a bit on this blog. Not quite such a while ago, I decided I'm going to do so in form of a "character spotlight" like this one. The spotlight features a (very) short paragraph of information and a quick "interview" with Ssalia, the protagonist of my currently published book (would love to incorporate reader questions in interviews, but am currently rather lacking in non-imaginary readers). More are likely to come, though only time will tell when and what characters they will focus on (I shall be patiently waiting for time to inform me of these things). Be wary of spoilers (though no major ones are in this one, as far as I can tell) and enjoy!

Ssalia was born to Sserena (daughter of Ssama and Kremet) and Talahan (son of Elana and Hanan), simple vegetable farmers making their home in the small village of Kerem, on the northern edge of the kingdom of Sserendon in southern Asakors. Since the age of eight, she has been visiting the village school of neighbouring Rinik. Though she enjoys doing "normal" things like reading, helping with the harvest and playing with her younger brother Kalan and her friend and schoolmate Alira, Ssalia is infamous not only in her home village but also neighbouring villages and towns for her peculiar adventures and exploits, the latest of which has taken her all across a whole different continent.

Interviewer: What is your role in Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot?
Ssalia, daughter of Sserena and Talahan: Well, I'm the main character! The heroine, you could say, though I don't know how heroic the things I have done are. I wrote the original global tongue version of the book as an account of my own journey; a kind of travelouge, you could say, though I think it's also a lot more than that!
Interviewer: It does sound exciting. Do you intend to go on all these strange adventures you have had so far, or do some of them just happen?
Ssalia: I would like to say they are all planned, but in truth, it's more like they are calling out to me, and I also to get into a lot of odd situations without meaning to. And, um, I get curious sometimes... (giggles) I had no idea what I was getting into with my latest one, though!
Interviewer: The journeys you have been on sound rather perilous, especially for someone your age. Do you worry a lot about these dangers when you undertake them?
Ssalia: Well, I like to think I'm fairly brave when it comes to such things, though I do worry sometimes. Actually, I am probably very lucky to be alive today! If it had not been for... a certain few people, I'm fairly certain at least one of my trips would not have ended well for me. I'm currently not sure if I am going to undertake anything of that scale again!
Interviewer: I am sure you have a lot to thank your friends for.
Ssalia: (nods) In fact, I'm not sure how to thank them enough. They have done a lot for me; even some... not so good friends I found during my journey have done more than I could thank them for.
Interviewer: Sounds like some good friendships were forged during that adventure. Anything else you wish to tell our readers?
Ssalia: I'd like to, if I may. Don't let what other people say get you down! Believe in yourself. Goals aren't always as far as you may think if you just reach out for them.
Interviewer: Alright, thank you for the interview, Ssalia!
Ssalia: (drops a curtsey) My pleasure! It's been fun.

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