Monday, 22 April 2013

Illustrations of Pelsatia?

For quite a while now, potential illustrations in my books, and in Fantasy books in general, are something I have been agonising about. Some books have them, others do not; it's mainly those for younger audiences that do, at least in great amounts. As it's also mainly the latter that are inspiring my own works of literature, should my own books set in Pelsatia not have illustrations as well? The truth is, it has been tempting, and done right, illustrations can look really neat; the other truth is that they can insert something into the reader's head that messes with their own imagination, which can be especially drastic if the illustrations were done by the book's author and could thus be seen as "canonical". The way I draw my characters is by no means intended as the canonical and definite way they must look (which actually wouldn't make much sense, as my drawings are way too cartoony), but it may still influence the way people think of the characters, which is unfortunate. But should I take this risk and add illustrations, potentially adding something neat to the books, or should I play it safe and avoid illustrations wherever possible or limit them to my online art galleries? Would more people be interested in a (young adult) Fantasy book that boasts illustrations than one without? At the moment, I really don't know and feedback will be very welcome.

Some of my current illustrations (mostly of dragon characters from Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot) can be found on my deviantART account. If I draw any for books, they would be more detailled than those, most likely without colour and in full-page format.

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