Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Future of Pelsatia and What's to Come

I have been asked this by a few of the equally few people to actually have read my debut novel (Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot), so I decided to make a statement here. Am I going to write more books set in my "Pelsatia" universe? Definitely. Are they going to feature Ssalia, the protagonist of my first book? Most likely not. So what is to come?

Well, more books (when I stop being lazy and actually finish them), but not necessarily with a direct (or even indirect) connection to what I've written so far. I like universes that have room for multiple books, but I also like stand-alone stories. I am not a supporter of making readers purchase an entire series of books to be able to understand what is going on in the latest one (regardless of how that would help my finances). So what to do instead? Use what is there to weave new tales, no doubt. There is a lot more to Pelsatia than is seen in Dragons of Avienot, lingering among a mess of various notes and documents (and the even greater mess that is my head) and waiting to be used. I don't trust that I can ever show it all in books, at least not the kind I am primarily aiming for. The two I am sporadically working on don't show any notable amount of it. So what's next when a Fantasy world is too big for its own books?

Encyclopædiæ? Dictionaries? Travel guides? Cookbooks?* I am not excluding any of those, and it may very well be that some of the trivia and unimportant side stories find their way onto this blog (or perhaps into drawings?). I do have plans to get things out there, even if not in the form of Fantasy adventure novels. Whatever its future, my hopes are that the setting is going to live on for a while to come.

(*Ever wondered about those "over a hundred traditional Avienotian dishes containing crag beetles"?)

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