Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Inspiring Music for Fantasy

To me, there's nothing more inspiring when writing Fantasy, painting or drawing Fantasy-type scenes or doing anything else related to Fantasy than Celtic or Celtic-style folk music. Ever since I discovered it (and amplified by an obscure fan-made RPG adaption of Lloyd Alexander's The Book of Three that I remember playing, which used this kind of music as its soundtrack; Bast knows where I found that game or who made it), it has been inspiring the way I think and feel about Fantasy. There is something about it that just embodies the kinds of Fantasy worlds I love and all that I like about them.

So, as I currently don't have anything else to post, I am sharing with you a well-tried but not necessarily well-known source of Celtic MIDIs (which I discovered many years ago via a MIDI search engine) and the source of at least 90% of the folk MIDIs I like to listen to when in need of inspiration, Ron Clarke's website on his "Tadpole Tunes" and other Celtic MIDIs:

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For those too spoilt by better quality audio, there's a nice free program called JetAudio to enhance the sound of MIDIs (with some options for customisation), which also works as a general audio (and some formats of video) player and converter and is highly recommended. (Tadpole Tunes provides some songs in other audio formats, but from what I can tell, they don't use real instruments and may not sound very different from MIDI playback.) Maybe some other Fantasy authors (or artists, role players, or whoever else may be inspired by Celtic folk) can benefit from this little treasure trove.

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