Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lanschilandia comic page: A Spoony Experience, pg. 13

I finally had the chance to update my webcomic, Tails of Lanschilandia, again. I don't know if this marks a return to somewhat more frequent updates, but probably not. There's a lot of other things I need to waste spend my time on, and I am not exceptionally motivated to work on the comic at this time.

Here's the page!

I am contemplating if I should announce all future updates to the comic on this blog (in addition to my Google+ and the webcomic's Twitter account). It gives me the ability to say stuff about each page, but I may not always have anything relevant to say and people may not care much either, especially if they come to this blog for my indie Fantasy writing.

I had some trouble with this page for some reason and it took way more effort than it should have. I like most of the line art here, though, so I'm thinking it may have been worth it. I don't enjoy drawing line art at such a low resolution very much and will probably switch to a better method once this story is done (I would have done so mid-story, but the difference in art may be too jarring). I am enjoying the exaggerated expressions and emotions on this page and how Kakralomino defies the panel border in panel six. The second-to-last panel had to be mirrored because I drew Bad Bat's scar on the wrong side of his head and didn't want to redraw it, as it was already coloured by the point I noticed it. The inside of Kakra's chamber has inexplicably changed after page 11, but background consistency is for... people who pay more attention to it.

Enjoy the comic page!

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