Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lanschilandia Collectible Cards

So a long, long, loooong time ago, I tweeted on Tails of Lanschilandia's offical Twitter that collectible cards may be on the way. And guess what, here they are!

View the info page on!

I hope no one's been holding their breath for these, as that can't have been very healthy. I created 36 (well, 37 including a little bonus thing I did that isn't available yet) character artworks with sometimes rather elaborate backgrounds for these and it frankly felt like I'd never get done with them. I tend to go a bit overboard with things.

These were created to be part of a webcomic card database called Project Apex, which only requires one single card to be in existence and for sale, but since The Game Crafter - the company that prints the cards on demand - sells them in packs of at least 18, I wanted to match that number. That's when I found out that it's possible to randomise the cards as in real TCG booster packs so I ended up with plans for 36 cards and over the course of many months, between work on the actual comic and with a lot of pauses, 36 cards were actually made and I'm not sure if I ever want to create a "series 2".

Quite unfortunately, Project Apex hasn't updated in a long while by this point and - although evidently still alive, as indicated by an ambiguous approval of the first card I sent them - hasn't been as responsive as hoped either. The result is that, as of writing this, the cards are not actually listed on Project Apex, which is kind of awkward when I'm advertising their site on my cards. The link at the bottom of the info page on Tails of Lanschilandia was going to lead straight to their spoiler sheet, but since there isn't one, I eventually set up my own locally so I wouldn't have to keep delaying the release. I'm hoping that this is going to change eventually or I'll be rather bummed since I passed up the opportunity to make a card game by using their layout template.

Though printed by The Game Crafter, these are currently only available through the link from my website. I haven't purchased a proof yet, which is a requirement to formally publish anything in their store, but was rather happy to discover that it's possible to sell them anyway through the direct link. Of course, that also means that I cannot make any statement yet about how exactly the printed cards look. They're adding UV coating and linen texture to make them neat and durable, so I'm thinking the result will be worth it (though it does make them a tad more pricey than they otherwise would be - but hey, they're collectibles).

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