Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Me

I somewhat recently received a newsletter from Smashwords informing me of their new self-interview feature, and I couldn't resist writing one! The result is not particularly long, but I think there might be some interesting stuff in there; I typed it up over the past few days in notepad before publishing it, after saving some interesting questions from the "suggested" ones. You can read it here:

Amazing Smashwords indie author self-interview!

It's mainly about my Fantasy writing, though other things also get mentioned. I took five of the pre-made questions and answered them (they're actually not random; the question field just goes through a list of them when you click the button to suggest a new one in the editing interface, so I assume many other Smashwords authors used the same ones, which may make for interesting comparisons), and I have two more saved up for when my next book, Gophirith of the Mountains, is released, as they will make more sense then than they do now. When that will be, I don't currently know, but you can be sure I will announce it here! The story is approaching the end as of writing this post, but it still needs a lot of polish and I am not done with the illustrations yet, so it may still take a while. Until then, enjoy the interview, and if you like it, I would be very grateful if it's shared! (And if there's anything that should be added to it, I tell me in a comment; I may edit it in!)

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